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A full stack web developer with experience in backend and frontend technologies. Detail-oriented dedicated individual with technical and analytical skills seeking to secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my experience and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company. I possess a down-to-earth make-it-happen attitude with a strong drive and an innovative approach. Also experienced in building consumer focused web applications


Tv Show Search

In this project I have used Html,Css,React and Javascript which allows users to search for their favourite Tv Show and find the description about the movie and also has the official website to watch the movie

  • Html
  • Css
  • React
  • Javascript


Using MERN stack I have developed this project and also have implemented stripe for card transactions.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Express
  • Node
  • MongoDB

TaskList App

The main idea behind building this app was to make it easier to manage all the daily tasks and I have used React Redux to complete the project

  • React
  • Redux


- Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript (ES6+), React, Redux, React Hooks, Bootstrap, Styled Components, Responsive Web Design
- Back End: NodeJS, ExpressJS,NextJS
- Database: MongoDb, Basic SQL
- API: Rest - Testing: Unit Testing, Integration Testing
- Cloud: Heroku, Netlify, Vercel, Mongo Atlas
- Tooling: Git, GitLab, npm
- Methodologies: Agile, Scrum
- CI/CD: Github Action, Heroku

  • Front-End

    Experience with

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Node and Databases

  • UI/UX

    Experience with
    tools like figma

About Me

Graduated from Victoria Institute of Technology in Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems(Application Development), looking to start a career in the IT industry. Highly motivated and ambitious individual, currently looking for opportunities to utilize and grow my technical abilities. Through the institution projects, I have developed the ability to learn new technologies quickly and solve technical problems efficiently. Academic qualifications have also helped me develop time management skills, communication skills as well as teamwork skills.

"Innovating ideas"